Trip to Canada!

Hello, there!
It' funny to write a journal not in Japanese.
Now, I'm staying at my friend's house in Halifax in Nova Scotia.
I can't type in Japanese here.

On 12th, I took the over-night bus from Osaka to Tokyo.
It was ok. I couldn't sleep much as usual.

And I took a plane from Narita to Toronto in the evening on the 13th.
I made friends with a guy and a lady who were sitting next to me.
The guy was going for his job, and the lady was going for her working holiday.
I had a good time with them.
It was a long, long trip though. It took about 12 hours from Japan to Toronto, Canada.

The plane arrived in Toronto 30 minutes later than it had been scheduled.
So I had to rush to get the connection flight to Halifax.
Fortunately, I made it.
However, unfortunately, my suitcase didn't make the flight. OMG...

I met my friend Ryan at the airport, and we went to the bar with his friends.
Canadian bar was very fun and everything was new to me.
Ryan shares a condominium with his friends, and it was really cool.
I spent the night at their house.

Today, on the 14th, I woke up at 8 and I went to see the Dalhousie University by myself
because Ryan and other guys had to work.
The university was really fun to see and big enough to see around.
I stopped at the library and studied Spanish a little bit.

I went to the Starbusks here after I studied Spanish.
It was so much fun there. I asked them if I could take some pictures of them and the store.
I took many pictures. lol

I had lunch with Ryan and Chris.
I had a Canadian beer even though it was in the afternoon.
After we had lunch, Ryan and Chris had to go back to their job
so I went to the waterfront.
It was very beautiful out there. I walked and walked for about one hour.
The view was really nice.

Now, I'm back at Ryan's house.
I will meet my host family in coupe hours.
I'm soooo excited.

See you later.

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